The Midnight Gospel Story: 7 Years and Now it's Unstoppable

Unless you were already a fan of Duncan Trussell or Joe Rogan, The Midnight Gospel seemingly materialized out of nowhere.  Fans, like us here at, were eagerly awaiting the debut, after hearing Duncan talk about it on JRE and his own podcast, DTFH (Duncan Trussell Family Hour).  Not only did it not just materialize out of thin air, the project, or at least the idea of the project began seven years prior.  Duncan says, "it came about in the early days of podcasting, " Trussell says.  "I got an email from Pendelton Ward and he told me he liked listening to my podcast."  It didn't just end there, both kept coming back to this idea of mutual respect for each other's art and how they could figure out a way to weave Trussell's gift of gab, with Ward's brilliant mind and ability to create memorable worlds and characters.  Once Ward's schedule cleared up a bit, he realized the idea of The Midnight Gospel and the rest is Netflix History. 

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Remembering back to finding out about the project, I honestly don't think what I was seeing or how I understood the concept of the show, just wasn't what I was picturing in my head, but it was far better than that.  When you hear that an animation team will be animating the dialogue from a podcast, I envisioned it for exactly what it sounds like, animating the story from the podcast.  I could have never imagined they would create this mystical world, The Chromatic Ribbon or any of the lessons the team tries to get across from their take on the morals or lessons in the story.

But, knowing the person handling the animation was Pendelton Ward, I knew it would be awesome.  Pendelton created a new world, that never existed previously and characters that we have never seen (which he is so great at doing).    Trussell, being a HUGE fan of Adventure Time began speaking with Ward regularly and their relationship, as well as the idea for The Midnight Gospel, grew very organically.  After Ward left Adventure Time, he was asked in 2014 if he would like to create a new show, he replied, "No, never.  That sounds like a nightmare!"

None of us knew but even as he said "No", he had already begun doing exactly that.  It started with Ward telling Trussell that he had an idea for a way to animate his podcast, to which Trussell was elated.  He said he could never imagined that his little podcast would could turn into a Pendelton Ward, animated series, and the thought of it was very overwhelming.  They decided they would meet for coffee, and Trussell went into the meeting with a "play it cool" mindset, but inside he was a nervous wreck.  He never planned on this turning into anything other than a podcast.  By the time the meeting was over Ward told Trussell that he was just too busy to start a new project and Duncan being really nervous, and meeting with the creator of Adventure Time, thought he would sound cool if he said he was also so too busy, so that's exactly what he told Ward.  


It took a few more years but Ward eventually reached out to Trussell again, and let him know this time he was ready to turn DTFH podcast into an animated series.  This is where it snowballs into what we know now as, The Midnight Gospel.  Ward created some rough concepts and once production began, Trussell said the experience was the most enlightening artistic collaboration he had had in his entire life.  I don't think the universe could have put two better people together and we as fans are the ones who benefit the most from their relationship.  The Midnight Gospel has changed many people's lives, as documented on the Official Midnight Gospel Facebook fan page.  Countless stories of fans, who have used the lessons taught in the Midnight Gospel to better themselves, their lives and/or their situation.  Rumor's are running around, but Netflix has yet to sign the duo up for additional seasons.  I can't imagine they would stop at just one season, with the popularity of the show and the prospect of putting out a whole lot more Midnight Gospel Merchandise.  


Like most other fans, we can't wait until we have a new season to watch and are patiently awaiting the announcement that it is coming!  I would imagine Duncan and Pendelton both have already begun working on ideas for the new season, and I for one can't wait!

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